Thursday, October 28, 2010

If He Loves You, Then He Loves You Not. Be The One To Leave Him, Baby Don't Get Caught.

lyrics from a song by my current favorite band , The Pretty Reckless. "If he loves you, then he loves you not. be the one to leave him baby don't get caught". They forgot to add 'when u leave, take his clothes with."
yes i am talking about
ex-boyfriend jeans
and even boxers for that matter.i no i no, ur probably wondering what I'm even saying! CMAN I'm sure you have heard about boyfriend jeans.  EASY ON THE EYES yet so simple. i like to think of this as 'high fashion sweat pants' i mean, just as comfortable. But at least u could be caught dead in these.
ex- boyfriend sweater.
but when your taking his clothes, don't only go searching for the jeans. THIS IS THE 21 CENTURY. Were greedy now AND NOT TO MENTION we have better style now. ROCK his blazer. take his button down shirt and wear it as if its a dress. you know pull the whole 'morning after' look. who doesn't like that? take any thing you like and simply make it yours, with a pair of scissors. Can i tell you, more than half my closet are jeans shirts or pants bought from the mens sections at perfectly NORMAL urban outfitters stores. You just slit, cut or crop it and its much more complimenting on your body, as does it still have the "I'm leaving with your wardrobe, fuck you" look. And honestly how many of us want that. YA thats what i thought. bonus points if its actually from an ex-boyfriend. anyways check these out, they all speak for themselves. just some ideas for you, if your liking this look. for now we'll call it. Chaotic Sanity.
take his jeans, cut and cuff them.                      
ex-boyfriend plaid shirt. 

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