Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello New York

I am absolutely amazingly pleased year after year on my birthday. In a very conceded sort of way, its hands down the highlight of my year. One of the more immature means of my existence.

This year my mother and i planned a date that somehow escalated into, basically an awesome day. Originally i had planned to stay home wednesday to spend the day doing some damage downtown.
...somehow that plan evolved into us waking up pretty early to hop on a plane and fly to New York, just so we can fly back that same night to have cake with the fam, the usual...

I plan to come back as worlds best power shopper, because conquering all of New York in about half a day is a skill i have almost perfected. You'd be amazed.

Did i mention how much i love my birthday?

Be sure to expect a post of the outcome sometime in May,

But here are some things i will be looking out for:

some different looking shorts, than my current identical collection.

Laugh Cry Repeat- Beige and Neon Silk Shorts
Pixie Market
Believe it or not, there is a free standing Pixie Market store in New York

Vintage Studded Cut Off Denim Shorts- Runwaydreams
These were definitely last years craze, but i don't really think they'll get old anytime soon. 

Skirts, to satisfy my new infatuation, that is really lacking in the category of actually owning skirts.

Perfect Circle Skirt- Nasty Gal

Lace Tail Skirt- Cream
 Nasty Gal

Chiffon Flutter Skirt- Nasty Gal
Lace Tail Skirt- Black
Nasty Gal
I've been looking for the perfect necklace since my Accessorize, I Dare You post.
Chained Up Necklace- Nasty Gal

Luxor Necklace- Nasty Gal
Good tops for spring.
Eternal Child- Metallic and Lime Top
Pixie Market 
Dresses. Mostly for daytime, as i said, i day dream too much about what i plan to wear around Europe this summer. Dresses seem to be quite suitable. Yes.

Egg Shaped Maxi With Rose Gold Belt- Shakuhachi

Emerald Beige Pleated Tunic -Pixie Market

Hemlock Dress- Reformation

Citrine Dress- Reformation
Mesh Net Dress- Pixie Market

Neon Collar Eyelet Dress- Pixie Market

The next Two dresses are from my friend Julia Thompson's line 'Floral City', being featured in a fashion show i have helped work on for just over a year now called 'Nude' (being held May 11th.)

She did a great job, everything in her line is beautiful. it all looks like it was pulled out of a dream, which i believe is what she was going for!
She's really talented when it comes to designing, or in this case re-vamping, clothes! Go take a look!

Link For Floral City Facebook Page (were you can purchase the items)

Link For Nude Fashion show

Maxi Dress- Floral City
Designed by: Julia Thompson

White dress- Floral city
Designed by: Julia Thompson
Lately I've seen some really well fitting ones in all these different bright and pastel colors.
Obviously enticing. Intermix is filled with these, as always.

Rag & Bone- Silver Tuxedo Blazer

Rag& Bone- Bromley Blazer With Turquoise Piping
I dig Rag & Bone, it seems everything they create is going to inevitably be awesome.

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