Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flowy and Lovely

I sorta feel like I’m dressed for a dream, throwing on a dainty, flowy dress that just blatantly hangs off your shoulders. Holidays always give a valid reason to over dress, just so you can walk down the stairs and eat in your usual dining room.

For my trip to Europe this summer I seriously intend to take advantage of the illusive dress code, my mind has fabricated.
Clearly it’s a potential danger allowing me to day dream so much. 

 These are some dresses currently hanging in my closet. Oh ya,  and visibly in my day dreams too. 
Alice + olivia- Cammie Trapeze Slip Dress
I dig this one, in regular lighting its really bright and really flowly.
Bascially all i ask for.

ByCORPUS -Textured Knit Midi Tank Dress
I bought this at Urban Outfitters.
Awesomely shapeless. 

Robert Rodriguez
if you were a mid-year reader, you'd know how much i obsessed over this dress.
"should i, or should i not wear it to semi?!" thankfully i saved it for the spring.
Because its, OH SO obscure that bright orange and pink aren't winter colors...

...and some i wouldn't mind having in my closet. 
Wood Wood - Printed Ontario Maxi Dress
You can find this online at Urban Outfitters
awesomely shapeless seems to be what i'm going for these days.

Alice + Olivia- Adele Maxi Tank Dress
Alice + Olivia just seems to be overdosing on great, this collection.

Fresh Air Dress- Nasty Gal
White and back-exposing is a power combination.

San Jose Dress-Blessed Are The Meek
Nasty Gal

Two Toned Maxi Dress- Shakuhachi
Its really no surprise there is the obvious dose of Shakuhachi in this post.
Actually the surprise is that there is only one... easy explanations
Trouble with the website, after physically and verbally abusing my computer for a good ten minutes and obtusely staring into that irritating spinning rainbow... i chose to let it be. 
Weekend Dress- Lovers+ Friends
Nasty Gal

So bright and beautiful. I am definitely denying what the weather network claims... 

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  1. Hi! I was wondering, are you interested in selling the Bycorpus Textured Knit Midi Tank Dress in pink? I think it is beautiful!!! If you don’t wear this dress as much or if it is taking space in your closet I would be ECSTATIC to take it off of your hands!!! Just name your price!! If not I completely understand :). Thank you so much for your time!