Monday, April 23, 2012

Costa Rica Photo Diary

Heres for some serious over-due photos, from my extremely eye opening trip, mid march. 

Did you know, places out of North America are... sort of different? who woulda thought right..
Ha. Well i'm not actually that oblivious but really, it was pretty cool experiencing some rad things, foreign to what i'm used to.

All these photos were taken with my lomography (non-digital) fisheye camera.
I mean, yea Costa Rica is different but not in the sense everything is blurry and fisheye-d! bad joke? 
Well Enjoy! 

The Out-of-the-plane-window photos always seem to fascinate people way too easily.
i mean considering how simple they are to take, and how they always somehow turn out to look cool.
I'm a fan

Some cool Scenery taken in the car during one of my re-occuring extremely long car rides. 
Seems to represent a dessert... but its not.
I like how the trees are eerily perched up like that
I don't remember what i was trying to take a picture of here before the sun boldly interrupted.... hmmm

Manuel Antonio
Funny story, We booked a walk through the National Park, assuming we'd be trekking through a rain forest with monkeys swinging in the trees above us and frogs jumping at our feet.
you could imagine our shock when we arrived and were told this is not called the "rain forest" rather.. it was called the "humid forest" This flower was about the depths of my viewings.
well not actually, i did see some monkeys on a beach which is slightly unusual. For me at least. 

My camera chose to neglect the fact that the tree trunk was actually white.
Yea, i suppose you could say eucalyptus trees are pretty cool.

Just some bulls doing their day job. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

This is what palm oil is made from.. Costa Rica is profuse in this. 
A Distant view of the pool looking over the ocean.
the facilities themselves in this location were not my favourite but i dig the views. 

Out the hotel window

The next place we went to was called Arenal, but if you refer to it as heaven, i'd be able to put two and two together. 
It was a real rainforest experience. it'd rain hard for about 5 minutes then be completely sunny again, and i mean.. it'd rain so hard i'd think there was some sorta of apocalypse going on.
But it was pretty awesome, awesome enough for me to be able to disregard the facts i had an afro for about 5 days straight. 
The hotel i stayed in was filled with about 30 natural hot springs as well.. ahh so relaxing. 

Pretty (potted) Flowers that were way too picture worthy to leave out!

Just looking off the front porch of the villa.
Just Arenal Volcano behind some clouds...
all pretty normal stuff..
 Then we chose to risk our lives and zip line 660 Feet high. 
Yep i really was suspended by a rope.. this high up
Ha.. you should have seen my inability to form sentences.. or move.. after each run
But... like it was totally the furthest thing from scary.

Happy cat.. 

Ooooh mysterious

Honestly, mix a feline and a fisheye camera together and you get awesome.

Then this monkey clearly wasn't the model type because i got tail distance away
and believe it or not but it stuck its tail through the fence and swatted my right across the face.
... asshole
Another shot of Arenal volcano hiding behind heaps of clouds 

 There's something about Costa Ricans and rocking chairs... they put so many in every villa.
There were two on our porch.
So every morning i'd wake up, pour a satisfying cup of black coffee, get out a book and go on the porch to rock on a chair.. Looking out into rad scenery.. that did i mention was visible right on our porch?
resembling someone way too old, considering my actual age.. haha

Disregarding being jet lagged served me well, because every morning I'd wake up so well rested around 7am and be able to enjoy a few hours of starting at a volcano, before i actually had to do something productive. 
Really, do yourself a solid and go to Arenal, asap.

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