Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In The Meantime

So I'm still working on that birthday post, getting all the pictures and all that shabang.
Yaya, its pretty crucial shit, its quite the process.

In the meantime i figured I'd share an awesome song with you guys that sort of has been consuming the use of my ears for a while now...

Originally sung By Elvis Costello, a genius for having the ability to write such simple lyrics that are outrageously powerful.

But... strangely, i have to admit i prefer Fiona Apple's version over the original, and i really can't say that often.
Obviously Costello gets the credit for writing such beautifully tragic lyrics , But Fiona's Performance is... wow
Its like every verse she sings exposes more of her broken heart. its sad and wonderful all together.
She is so passionate and so intense, if you watch her eyes through the performance it seems any second she could explode.

this makes you clench you teeth and squeeze your fists so tight... with the anticipation of who knows what. absolutely anything.
Its really something.

"I want you. Since when were you so generous, and inarticulate?"-my favourite line of the song, and about every other line in the song is a runner up.

Its damn heavy, and so good.
Nice to know theres still some talent to go around!

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