Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Perfect Picture- Attachment Fix

My desktop is way too cluttered with pictures of things that are sort of amazing.

because of my weird attachment i feel like i need to do an arbitrary post, showing every-awesome-thing mindlessly sitting on my desktop, before they're moved into my 'stuff' folder and consigned to oblivion along with a billion other things. 
how nice. 

Proenza Schouler- Medium Canvas Printed Python
boring class + laptop = me creating the game "name that designer" that i obviously play against myself
you'd be surprised how many pictures you can find of rad strangers at Milan Fashion Week.

Karen Walker- Anytime Glasses
Adding to my fantasy collection of surreal looking glasses.
Thick enough rims, wouldn't you say? 
Pretty Ones Cape By: Finders Keepers- Nasty Gal
I'm not sure what it is, the fact the blue looks really nice underneath the beige.
The fact she looks like a beautiful box
or probably just because the word 'Cape' gets me every time
either way i like this whole shabang.

Twiggy Flare Jeans- One Teaspoon
Nasty Gal
Ya ya ... i dig this.
i'd be apprehensive to actually put them on but i like how with one look you warp back to a different time era.
Roma Knit Shorts- Nasty Gal
I like the whole Missoni pattern look to these shorts.
Definitely a brand i would love to own way too much of in a few years. Yea, thats a goal.
Like i mean... i wouldn't mind furnishing my home in it.. Sigh.

Tripe Forward Helix Piercing
pretty awesome piercing, all three are actually.
Hoping that on my birthday i can find courage to get it.
But to prevent an agonizingly painful birthday and fear of looking too metal, i only intend to get the middle one at the moment.
#6 here i come

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash
Just an amazingly adorable picture that i'm thinking is very desktop- background- picture worthy.

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