Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Dave For You Thought?

First of all, summer is OFFICIAL. I have conquered the bane of my existence that is exams… I’ve only posted twice over the course of way to long, so I’m going to change that now that I have all this time on my hands.  Oh yeah, also, 18 more days until Europe… not really exciting or anything ya know..

Otherwise, last weekend one of my study breaks/ procrastination methods consisted of my friend and I going to the Dave Matthews concert. I mean considering I have only been looking forward to that for about 6 months now I was NOT about to let exams get in the way. Ew.

Because of how extremely incredible he is I feel compelled to gloat a little. Those of you who have never seen him in concert don’t know the meaning of an amazing performance yet. The ONLY way to describe his concerts is that its one big jam session. They’ll do a song followed by about 5 minutes of hard jamming. Its great.  
And my friend and I were those weird head banging people in the crowd that don’t know how to take a break. We sorta got a tad over excited (okay, over excited doesn’t begin to describe what was happening…) when he opened with “Big Eyed Fish” and continued to play those not-so-well-known but i-still-know-all-the-lyrics songs. Except grey street probably won award for the hardest jamming, all around.

I heard some really good tunes that I didn’t know before, give them a listen..

The song Can't Stop builds up so much tension throughout the song, with a super jazzy feeling and the lyrics "I'm like a junky for you" its kind of genius... if you ask me. 

His new song called Mercy hit that perfect cross between sad and pleasant. Its one of those songs that start playing and you can't help but to smile at the fact that its so easy on the ears. 

The other song was called Gaucho, i haven't over played this one AS much as the others but its time will come.. 
its just something about the simplicity of the lyrics "we gotta do much more than believe if we really wanna change things" that makes it so strong. 
You know, his writing ability amazes me at times. 

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