Saturday, May 19, 2012

In With the New

So this post is verging on being about a month overdue, but first of all, I blame summative/exam period. Seriously some stressful shit… unintended alliteration.

Not to mention the internet neglects the existence of about half the stuff I bought! So I’m also lacking in pictures…yaya, excuses excuses.

BUT, I did get some awesome stuff if I do say so myself.
My Mom and I + Shoe Departments = really really hazardous. And I’m not saying that for dramatic effect, I’m starting to think there needs to be a law against it. well not actually though, because that would suck…

but anyways, I’m seeing a lot of medium-high heels, like the ‘Manolo’ look, with pointed toes. Which is a style that never went out but still should come back, you know? A lot of summery grays (with a sort of blue-ish undertone to them), if you’ve ever heard of such a thing. Yellow-y mustards and I even saw a lot of metallics. although I kept my distance from those; not feeling that just yet. But then again my mind changes at the speed of light.

Yea it was great in a extremely overwhelming sort of way. Every now and then I felt like crying was necessary for no apparent reason. Pretty awesome feeling. I’m not going to rant on anymore though because this is getting dangerously long and some visuals are very necessary right about now.

Give me your thoughts!

Double Buckle Sandal - Givenchy

I absolutely love the beautiful awkwardness of such a big chunky heal with such a non existent platform.
Walking in these shoes is so insane its almost amusing. 

Rag & Bone- Horrow Boot
This is their best selling style right now, its pretty obvious why, id say.
So glad i finally got them, i have been admiring Rumi's (From Fashiontoast) similar style all year now.
Also, this is what i meant by the gray-ish blue. which probably makes you think I'm colour-blind, but i promise they're a lot brighter in real life!
Suede High-Heel Pump in Burgundy-
Manolo Blahnik

So glad i bought these, and when i showed my grandmother she was very pleased too.
I'm going to take that as a sign of success.
Yves Saint Laurent
This is one of the things that the internet failed to post pictures of, so i apologize for the poor quality picture.
Also, i don't know the style name of these shoes either which is quite frustrating.
but, i've worn these the most since i got them, you'd surprised how versatile they are.
Colorblock lunch- Scoop NYC
 I'm really not a fan of when websites show all their clothes on highly-busty, invisible mannequins. its sort of weird and unappealing looking.  but its better than nothing.
Geo Lace Crop Vest
Top Shop

Sleeveless Slit Back Top
Top Shop

Heres for some Helmut Lang.
yaya, not like one of my favourite brands or anything... 

Sugar Cropped Jacket in White
Helmut Lang
this jacket also came in black and the most subtle light gray ever. it was really beautiful. except the very excited guy in the store reallllllly dug the white on me, so i went with it (and he was right)!
These are the best high pinned shoulders i have bought in a very long time.  
The detail of the back, and how it scoops up really high, is so interesting.
i think it would be really cool to find a way to wear this so your actual back shows.
Threadbare Asymmetric jersey top
Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang- Aka Asymmetry Genius
Honestly, if its no asymmetrical its not Helmut Lang.
Rag ans Bone
Split Skinny- Black/ White
My mom bought them in white (which means i basically did too) but i got this turquoise and black colour that is really unique looking. i really like them, i'm waiting to find a time to wear them, because they don't exactly scream 'spring'.
and again of course i can't find a picture anywhere! but imagination is just as fine i suppose. 

Cutaway Blazer- Alexander Wang
 the back being on a different level than the front is a really nice detail. 
Sliver Tuxedo in Bluebird
Rag and Bone 
Emerald Beige Pleated Tunic - Pixie Market
Ironically, i posted this in my Hello New York post.
it was funny actually seeing it at the Pixie Market store, and buying it too. 
Corie Sunglasses By Oliver Peoples

So glad i finally found the perfect pair of sunglasses. I have a serious obsession with Oliver Peoples.
Their collection is insane :

There were some other buys here and there, but i have slowly been writing this post for, not kidding, hours now. and i am starting to get frustrated with the hassle it takes when finding pictures... so i will leave it at that! 

Thoughts thoughts thoughts, please:)

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