Friday, June 15, 2012


For just a little bit too long now i have been raving about the beautiful Céline sunglasses.
My lack of decisiveness has dragged this buying process on for a few too many seasons, so thankfully my parents came in the middle of this situation and casually came home with the perfect pair, in the perfect size and the perfect color.... you know, apparently its that easy.

opening the case was pretty overwhelming in a backwards sort of way... i felt star stuck but i guess it was more like sunglass struck.
thats when you know...

well as if that wasn't enough, to my surprise, prior to that i opened another sunglass case from Dior. Just a pair of their traditional cat eyes but with red rims and fascia arms.
It was like an instant time warp back to the 50's. My Favourite.

So now i guess I'm pretty set for the summer and pretty damn content.
Time to hunt down the next prospect to become my new Sunglass-Crush.

Céline Sunglasses

Dior Cat-Eye

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