Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Playlist

I figured since my trip to Europe is coming up in 8 days, its about time to make the ultimate summer playlist; in hopes that when i hear these songs later on in the year i'll instantly time warp back to being in Europe.
ah don't you love when that happens?
So i compiled 67 of my favourite songs at the moment to practically make a playlist that should be named 'perfection'.

Obviously it'd be ridiculously time consuming for me to post all 67 songs but i'll show you a few of my faves because they should probabblllyyyyyyyy be on your summer playlists too. oh yeaaa

1983...(a merman i should turn to be)
this 13 minute song is one of those most people wouldn't think to actually listen to. But these lyrics are mind blowing when you actually pay attention. he's telling such a strong, harsh story through powerful visuals and metaphors. one of my favourite lines is "without a scratch on our body we bid it farewell. starfish and giant foams greet us with a smile. Before our heads go under we take our last look at the killing noise, of the out of style." if you have the time i recommend reading the lyrics!

Santigold The Riots Gone.  this song is just sort of fun to listen to, the girls voice on top of the drumming sounds really good.

Home Phillip Phillips, winner of American Idol. i have to admit i have had the biggest crush on this guy for so long now! he is an AMAZING artist, its wild! not to mention, look at him...
This song written for him when he won the show is really nice and light, i'd consider it kinda of 'indie folk' which is a good genre if you ask me! although he's so talented i think he could do even better than the whole indie scene. Personally i think he could bring back some classic rock, but we'll have to see when his album comes out. Cannot wait.

Bruce Springsteen Dancing in The Dark.
this song makes me so happy, thats all!

U2 Miracle Drug. Sometimes i feel like U2 don't get enough recognition for how good they are! well at least amongst the people i know, they don't. this song vividly reminds me of when i was in elementary school.

Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall (part 1, 2, 3). The wall has been on repeat for me for a few weeks now, getting ready for the Roger Waters concert Saturday!!!

Dave Matthews Band Lie in Our Graves. My brother learned how to play this song really well on guitar, so i'm constantly hearing the acoustic version of this from down the hall, its always stuck in my head.

Bob Dylan Mr. Tambourine Man. This song is just fantastic, there is really not much more you can say about it!

Selah Sue has a great voice, its sorta jazzy i suppose, its hard to explain. this is that one song thats so easy to always listen to. This song is featured in a J Cole song and its really good too!

Norah Jones Don't Know Why. So relaxing, her voice is so pretty.

John Mayer My Stupid Mouth. i have this album on vinyl so i really like the entire thing, but this song specifically just has really interesting lyrics and i like the way it pauses at point and then resumes almost.

Amy Winehouse Valerie. Such a nice upbeat song, love Amy Winehouse.

The Beatles Oh Darling! This song will never get old. Well actually that applies for all Beatles songs.

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