Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Or a few toned, occasionally works too.
I left the amazing…and shop-less Costa Rica today and am back in Florida. 
Figured I need to catch up on…. Well… everything.
I’m liking the two-toned pieces. Mainly shirts (from what I've seen so far, but maybe skirts could be cool too).
If you wear too much you’re at the risk of looking like a block character (which is a fully figure of my imagination) but otherwise they’re good for spring! Colorful… oooh yea.

Nasty Gal- By: MINK PINK
Erika Shirt

Nasty Gal- Sugar High Blouse
Verging on the Block characters of my imagination, but not quite there.
I totally love this and all the colors, pastels mixed with a bright color.
Obviously this is a dream.

Nasty Gal- Neon Pop Shorts
The shorts are pretty awesome on their own, but if you get a flash of the fuchsia its even better.

Nasty Gal- Trimmed Pocket Blouse
i really like the two colors of this blouse together, although i could do without the metal like buttons.
I'd assume it appears differently in person. Benefit of the doubt..
All in all, great shirt. love peach for the spring. 

Nasty Gal- Lace Pocket Blouse
MMM! Pastel purple mixed with white, so peaceful looking.
Definitely not as bright as the other two-tones, but my closet is craving this shirt. seriously. 

Nasty Gal- Colorblock Racer Tank
Not as suitable for my general style, with the block of black against the hot pink, BUT i do like it in this case.  

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