Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Crosley AV room portable USB Turntable

So I have some very pleasant news to share, that after searching high an low calling every record store in Toronto I finally found the perfect record player! A Crosley suitcase-like leather box that is very retro and exactly what I had in mind! First i tried out the 2 newest to my collection.

Lana Del Rey- an artist who properly carries the ‘Pop’ genre, really, she is awesome I literally can’t get enough. I have more unpublished music of hers than not. The real, raw stuff is the best.

The xx- Such an easy listen with really great lyrics and beautiful voices. They’re like win win. My vinyl album had a song I hadn’t heard before called ‘Hot Like Fire’ which is now my favorite. I believe it’s a cover of an Aaliyah song.

And on top of all that awesomeness I found part of my dads old collection so I’m nearing 60 records now! Fair start, i'd say. It feels pretty great knowing I have the base of classic rock sitting in a box beside my bed.

I would have never guessed i'd love a hunk of plastic so much. Like when you put the needle down on the spinning record and the music starts playing its nothing like a laptop experience. The music seems so much more real.

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  1. Love The XX! I'm actually listening to them now.