Saturday, March 24, 2012


Doing some browsing earlier today to get a sense of what’s what for spring , per usual, led me straight through the doors of Céline.

With only time to sift through the shoes, bags and glasses, on their own a knockout combination. Structured bags and cat-eyes at its finest.

The longed for glasses seem to evolve daily, before I can be decisive enough to get my hands on a pair.  Same for the shoes. The once very block like platformed shoes I once failed to get approval on have now altered to a slimmer platform, with more of a heel-type-thing but still creeper-like as ever.  Which of course my mom ended up buying this time around. I totally influenced that purchase….

When she showed them to me with such satisfaction, I made her try them on… and who would have ever guessed! They fit a lil snug… Ha. Ha. I wouldn’t be too surprised if those shoed ended up in my closet… and on my feet, a little bit more than originally planned. Whoever controls these size mishaps always seems to have my best interests in mind. Thanks! 

90MM Multiples Pump-black/sunflower suede
90MM Multiples Pump-black/flesh suede
These are the exact ones my mom bought
such a unique shoe

90MM Multiples Pump-black/dark red suede

90 MM multiples ankle strap pump in black/ lipstick red suede
90MM Multiples Pump-black/black suede
110 MM flared heel pump in black suede goatskin
I've seen a bottom-heavy heal like this before made by other designers, its a great look.
Very unusual but still simple.

i couldn't find any images of the sunglasses on the official website, but here are a few to get an idea. Love.

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