Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

So, as I write this I am on the way to my hotel in Costa Rica.
 And I just learned a few pretty awesome things.
    1. Did you know in some countries its not weird to see a heard of crocodiles on the side of the street? 
Yea, it was kinda frightening walking along a bridge contemplating being eaten whole
2.     There are more fruits in this world than just apples oranges and bananas!
I noticed earlier when a non English-speaking man insisted I try some bright purple chewy thing I couldn’t tell you the name of… I sort of felt like Willy Wonka… in the least weird way possible.

So far I have seen a couple store/huts that either sell crocodile beach-towels or an abundance of mysterious fruits, so I don’t suppose I’m going to be overwhelmed with blogging inspiration.

So in the meantime ill just post a few pictures of some required-to-be-in-my-closet things, very unrelated to my life at the moment. 
Dior- Cat-eye Sunglasses
 Those i nearly bought 2 weeks ago but last minute chose the following ones

Prada Sunglasses

I was dealing with a magically persuasive sales person, obviously, but I'm happy with the choice.
They're much more Audrey Hepburn-esc in real life. 
i seem to often get the once over (twice over) confused glares when i wear them. Yea, Check.

Some good pastels. 
In Kensington market the other day i scored some $3, pastel green, crocheted, 1920's gloves... but they were for more of a joke...i suppose....
Even though it goes against my bright infatuation... whatever (seems to be the best explanation).

Shop Nasty Gal- Ibiza Cutout Swimsuit
By- Undrest
A nice one piece, would be nice. 
I like this one but i wouldn't label it as my favourite
I haven't found a favourite sadly, so in the meantime this should do.
Shop Nasty Gal- Cutout Lace Blouse
I have definitely been searching for the perfect shoulder-showing blouse, for a bit too long. 
But yea, seems as though i found it, if i ever get around to ordering it. 
Typical Protocol.

Shop Nasty Gal- Minimal Maxi Dress
By - Stylstalker

Back Showing (this much) + Maxi = Perfection

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