Saturday, November 3, 2012

Valentino in Saks

The sparkle of all the beautiful bags being, complimented by the wonderful festive decorations,occupying a majority of Saks Fifth Avenue's ceiling Is really triggering my annual holiday craze and bringing me a lot of blissfulness with it.

While I'm sitting in Saks' delicious 'Cafe SFA' I'm coming to realize how extremely necessary it is to share the pictures I just took of 3 stunning Valentino bags.

At first glance I was apprehensive about loving them. Thankfully they're 'double-take' material, because when I looked back I realized that although extravagant, they are Absolutely beautiful; about first on the list of bags I wish to see on my shoulder. (Ofcourse still a runner up to my new best friend Pashli satchel, whom I will tell you about later)

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