Friday, November 2, 2012

New York

A disaster that goes by the name of Sandy decided to put the majority of New York through a nightmare. She has brought extensive upset everywhere, to say the least. With all my usual odd ways of speech aside, I seriously want to express the importance of being aware and helping, through donations and any other ways; as the just of this blog post (and all my others) was not meant to be heavy and serious. I don't mean to give implications that I ACTUALLY don't care.

Anyways the worst Sandy has done to me was threaten to come between my mother my anticipated New York trip. Thankfully fait is inevitable.

I recall earlier this week in the depths of my disappointment, when Sandy turned poor LaGuardia into what appeared to be an ocean, telling my mother I'd be willing to walk there as a mean of transportation.

My father, in attempt to bring light to the situation said " you could always come to Indianapolis with your brothers and I to watch the game... There's a Nordstroms there..." I appreciate the offer dad but, lets just say, I'm glad they drained LaGuardia. (Now, only if they could do the same with the rest of the ocean, that is New York)

After the emotional instability of my week that was a result of how shopping in New York has a dangerously severe affect on me, I ended up here, waiting to board with a smile that is unsuitably sized considering how early I got up this morning

Now the question stands, where to go first? (Who am I fooling, as if my mom and I didn't create an extremely strict agenda weeks ago, ha..)

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