Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dave, Never disappoints.

Once again, I witnessed an outstanding and enjoyable Dave Matthews concert.
The band featured many songs from his new album ‘Away From the World’, including my provisional favorite ‘Broken Things’.
The vague but relevant lyrics ‘Well how could we know that our life could be so full of beautifully broken things’ manages to further conclude the fact that Dave, just has a better way with words than basically, well, anyone.

And once again, my friends and I succeed to come off as a merely psychotic pair, dancing …or…er…..spasing, sincerely off beat, appearing as though were nearly about to explode. In the least harmless way of course, with all the right intentions, of being two hopeless die hard fans, just feeling the music a bit too much.

And not to mention my music-induced high off life feeling that is always present after a satisfying concert led me to buying too much Dave Matthews merchandise than actually necessary. But really, I just see it as a harmless splurge.

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