Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't be the Typical Bunny

SO, i was thinking.. halloween is in 3 days!!! I'm sure that there are many people still wondering "what do i be for halloween". Yes, we all have to answer this impossible question every single year. We think of being original "maybe this year ill go for an inanimate object".. do some brain storming on that, and its not long after we realize its simply 'not sexy enough'. Because of course halloweens the time for girls to bring out there inner slut... mhmm sure. We think more, "considering were all expected to be a playboy bunny or some crazy sex icon, maybe i want to be different." everyone then goes through the stage of trying to make a statement, be something different than every other girl. Something no one is expecting. Something people will find funny. We consider the big Tigger footy pajama like body suit. We consider the tele tubby costume we kept from grade 6 that somehow we still fit into. And then we realize, "well, maybe this isn't the year for me to make a statement, maybe i still need to prove i can pull off a sexy halloween costume". Of course we then resort to being some sort of powerful fierce animal. Weather its a cat a tiger or a cheetah we need to make it unique. Then just like routine, we go to American Apparel to pick out something that will somehow represent this animal. We end up buying something tight and black that you see yourself wearing to a party following weekends. Long story short this amazing costume finding quest turns out to be a waste of time, because we all end up digging through our basement to find our ears from last year, whip them on our head and say were a cat. or a bunny. or a mouse. and yes this year i did go through this routine, just like every other year. But now that I'm a little bit older and a little bit wiser (yes a year can do much more than you think) I'm thinking, okay maybe i'll settle for the cat / cat woman costume, but bring some fashion into it this time. 
ideas ideas ideas
well what I've been seeing lately are some epic partly leather partly jersey leggings. You know pull the whole "mom dad i need money for a halloween costume" when all your really thinking about is what your going to wear them with AFTER halloween is over. But besides, what's cat woman without leather?
What I'm trying to go for is the fine line between Taylor Momsen (one of my many role models) and Cat woman. The dark make up, The thigh high socks, like Taylor
but the ears and leather outfit like Cat Woman. 
clever eh.
Well basically what I'm getting at with this is, if you've been thinking about trying to get your parents to pay for your "costume" go for something fashionable. try cheetah print, try leather,  or try exotic furs. But make a statement this halloween, and i don't mean by being a fluffy teddy bear. and THATS Chaotic Sanity.
leather leggings

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