Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crushing, Big Time

After returning from Calirfonia, and being forced to forget about all means of relaxation, I am officially out of summer mode… and hopefully able to produce decent  blog posts once again.

I wouldn’t really call it being bored when the only things I had to do was shop and sun bath; but the lack of actual things to do made is really easy to decide upon my new annual shoe, and or sunglass crush for this season. I’m already obsessed. 
I had no idea i had this much love to go around.

Balenciaga - Glove Mini Craquele Sandal
How does one even begin to describe this? Its so interesting to look at, i would find myself staring.
I was unable to find a picture of my favourite version of this shoe, but let met describe it, and make sure you picture something beautiful.
It was similar to the one above, although the where it is black leather it was bright royal blue, soft, smooth leather. 

Alexander Wang- Astrid
These also came in a Grey-ish white color that was very nice.

Of course, leave it to Wang to make something so simple, so different.  
 Givenchy- Textured-Leather Fold-Over Knee Boots
Some might say the abundance of leather material on this shoe is unflattering, i just think it is awesome.
Sartore- Monk Strap Oxford
 Well, these are more of an attained love than an unrequited one, since i ACTUALLY bought these!!!
Even though wearing them is like stabbing daggers into my ankles, its so worth it.
I mean, you've got to break them in eventually.
I was so happy to find these because i have been looking for the perfect man-like yet feminine, pointed toe shoe with a buckle. And, well... these couldn't fit the description more perfectly!
Love At Last.
And now for the Sunglasses

Miu Miu "Noir" Style - Ruby Glitter
It goes without saying that practically everyone knows about these glasses.
Its just a question of who's going to buy and WEAR them.
Well i sure as hell would, but its going to take a bit more convincing than that. 
And, well.. if the red is a bit too much to ask for, i'd definitely settle for these:

Miu Miu "Noir" Style- Saffron Glitter

Or these...
Miu Miu "Noir" Style- Brown and Beige Tortoise Shell with Periwinkle Blue Gradient Lenses

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