Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NEW LITA'S- 'spring' out!

Jeffrey Campbell, among his already numerous different colors and styles of Lita's has managed once again, to come out with something new and outstanding.  What better way to start this spring than with some great new shoes! Campbell came out with a bundle of new colored Lita's that will pop during this season. To name a few, picture this fantastic shoe in; Lilac suede, Pink Glitter (which for me is making its way into a favourite from the glitter collection) and a stunning blue velvet. You can't miss them.
Better yet... my birthday is around the corner, May 2nd... better start nagging on these websites (again) to make sure they'll have some left for me! For those of you with spring birthdays, what better present to ask for then a pair of NEW LITA'S. Or you know.... getting them for no particular reason is always good too!
You must take a look at these. I put a picture of a few of the colors below, and for the rest of them check out this website:

Ps. Another one of my favourite designs by Jeffrey Campbell, the 'Mary Roks' style, as well came out with new stunning spring colors. 

Lilac suede, Lita
Blue velvet, Lita
Pink glitter, Lita

Also, heres just a quick look at a new 'Mary Roks' color.
Mint, Mary Roks


  1. Do you know anywhere in Toronto that sells the lita? I've been dying for them!


  2. hey, not many stores carry Lita's that I'm aware of there always sold out! I've seen them in a store called original on queen street west but they don't have much of a selection of colors.

    your best bet would be to order them online, try or

    they fit really true to size so there not so risky to buy online.

  3. I love the Lilac Suede and the blue velvet great colors.


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