Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mens clothing, opinions?

As i return from a wonderful shopping filled day, it got me thinking about things... When it comes to fashion i happen to be a very opinionated person, but for a SHOCKING first time, I'm not so sure what to make of this.
Wondering what I'm talking about? Well heres a little overview.

sssoooooo, today is my brothers birthday meaning i was on the prowl for a gift. I have to make it a good one because its a preeeeeeettty big milestone in his life (although i think that about ever year...). I decided to go down to Queen and Ossington, to go hit up some of my favorite stores. As i am walking the wondrous streets of downtown Toronto, i am coming across many different well dressed men. Some wearing the tight dark jeans with their doc martin black boots and a well fitted t-shirt. Others passing by in their slightly cropped pants with a nice blazer and sexy mysterious reading glasses (you know the ones I'm referring to??) and i thought to myself, 'you know, you really never see men this well dressed anywhere else in the city'. Typically you would find your average guy in some frumpy old abrecrombie shirt and a pair of terribly OVER WARN basketball shorts. Honestly, just because you have them in black and yellow and EVERY shade in between, doesn't make it okay to wear them for weeks on end!!! 

So many average guys don't care or know the first thing about what they are wearing, so i think someone should defffinitlyyyy take on the responsibility to educate these cave men!!!

The part that phases me though, is we cannot wish for every man out there to dress as if they are an Alexander Wang model, so i was wondering: What is the line between 'dull clueless cave men' and 'well dressed model-Esc mysterious men'.

I mean what are they going to do then, start mixing those wretched shorts with a nice blazer? THAT WOULD JUST BE WORSE!!! And this is where i am stumped, i don't know what to make of this situation. I know what i LIKE to see, but what i don't know is whats realistic? What is a subtle look that is still bearable on the eyes?!

If your wondering what looks i like, heres a collection for men by Alexander Wang.


  1. I've always said that mens fashion is wasted on men!


  2. I agree with that!
    Thank god for the ones who understand how to dress!