Monday, July 14, 2014



Nude by rutharumack featuring gold pumps

My way overdue Polyvore account has proven to be one of the rougher factors weighing on my bank account. Creating looks... really? Like, how could I create a look and then not actually own it or wear it? Ha Ha ya right.

Now I've almost found time to simultaneously shop and blog at the same time. Wow, things are about to take a real turn... for better or worse. (better, obviously)

It summer time, what else is there to do than wear things that hardly qualify as clothing? No one can judge.... well ya they can but at least i can say I care substantially less, as long as the sun is out. Cropped tops and shorts are pretty much the route too be taking this summer, if you ask me.

And see... nude and gold? I've never even done it before, but Polyvore made me realize that... yes, I do in fact need to shop a lot more until I can make this happen.

Sorry bank account.

and there is more to come................ :)

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